Our Program

RealVictory is a program used for jail diversion, offender re-entry, and for those on probation and parole. Contact us to see how RealVictory can work for you!

The Phone Coach

The phone coach is an automated follow-up tool that reinforces the training materials, delivers support for their goals is enhanced by messages from friends and family to reinforce new beliefs. Call are easily scheduled online, and the content and frequency of the calls can be changed at any time.

The phone coach calls are proactive and the offender does not have to request them. They occur in the real world and have been found to be an important tool to help people make better decisions.

The Training Program

The RealVictory training program consists of six live training sessions, each an hour long, followed up with 12 months of regular automated Phone Coaching to reinforce new behaviors and provide support in times of weakness. The classes have typically been taught once per week, but multiple sessions have also been taught in a single day.

The training is value neutral and goes to great lengths not to state what is right or wrong. Instead, participants use the tools of the Reality Model to discover their own conclusions.

Jail Diversion

RealVictory is currently operating as a jail diversion program. Offenders can avoid jail time by agreeing to take the classes and using the Phone Coach at their own expense. Scholarships and payment plans are available.

Re-entry Program

RealVictory is an effective re-entry program for those who are leaving jail and returning to the outside world. Contact us to see if we can implement the program in your community!

Probation and Parole

RealVictory has been taught to hundreds of people on probation and parole and has helped them avoid being re-arrested. Contact us to set up a program in your area!

Contact us to participate in the RealVictory program!

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