RealVictory is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to drastically reduce recidivism.

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Reducing Recidivism

It’s a sad truth that America has one of the highest rates of repeat criminal offenders of any industrialized nation in the world. Studies show that RealVictory reduces juvenile recidivism by 47%.

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Evidence Based

RealVictory is an evidence-based program built on nine years of academic research.

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What Works?

The researchers at Brigham Young University who have been studying RealVictory discuss the evidence in their book Helping Offenders: What Works?

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Get Involved

We’re a non-profit organization, and we would love your support. And if you are a criminal justice professional, be sure to talk to us about how to implement the RealVictory program with your population of offenders.

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Jail Diversion

RealVictory is currently operating as a jail diversion program where judges give offenders the opportunity to avoid being incarcerated by participating in the RealVictory program.

Re-Entry Program

RealVictory is an effective re-entry program for those who are leaving jail and returning to the outside world.

Probation and Parole

RealVictory has been taught to hundreds of people on probation and parole and has helped them make better decisions and avoid being re-arrested.

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