Our Program

Our Program

RealVictory is a two-step program designed to reduce recidivism through cognitive-behavior training and an automated phone-coaching program, resulting in long-term personal change.


First, probationers and parolees attend a six-session cognitive-behavior training course that teaches them how to examine and change beliefs, behaviors, and consequences. By the end of the course, participants use their newly mastered skills to set goals and create a plan for successful personal change.  To read more about RealVictory’s training, click HERE.



Second, participants are enrolled in a year-long, automated phone-coaching process that supports their personal change plan. Participants receive daily phone calls that follow up on their progress and support them as they change their lives. These calls are automated and timed according to each individual’s unique circumstances, and the phone calls include messages of encouragement and support from family and friends. To read more about the phone-coach program, click HERE.



When combined with the cognitive-behavior training, the cell phone technology is the crucial component that enables people to break old habits and create new patterns of pro-social behaviors.